What are the main ‘traps’ for those using social media to market professional practices (or businesses)?

I’m a lawyer, accountant, architect – Should I use social media?

Social media is here to stay and savvy professionals (architects, accountants, lawyers to name a few) are smart to use the internet, blogs, and social media to market their brand and services. As Director of online marketing agency Net Branding I’m constantly talking to professionals about using social media to grow their firm’s reputation as an approachable brand.

use social media and digital marketing for New Zealand lawyers and other professionals

However, it’s common knowledge that legal professionals tend to be perfectionists – and that’s completely as it should be as it’s part and parcel of their job to be 100% accurate. Because they’re so used to spending heaps of time crafting a message, the problem when it comes to social media is that they shy away from being, well, ‘social’! And they hold back on publishing something online until they know it’s perfect. With the result that in the end little or nothing gets published, and their social media site becomes dated and boring and people stop following. Just remember, not everything has to be 100% perfect; as long as the facts are correct, you can still create value-adding content online.

In traditional professions such as the law or accountancy, service providers often state that they don’t have time for this “social media nonsense”; they’re busy and have heaps of work to do. That’s true of course – and I should know, because I’m married to a lawyer. However, what’s even truer is that if you ignore social media, social media will ignore you.

Social media is all about relationship building. So just pick one or two social media platforms and engage and participate in conversations. Make sure you add tremendous value through your tips to your social media friends and followers. Still have questions, perhap I have answered these in a recent social media and digital marketing Q & A Session.   Wanting to explore how to measure your results to achieve online and digital branding success.

Do you have a website and not sure if it is working properly?

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“With a strategic and operational management background, I was well aware that the internet was a means to an end; that the underlying business objectives that fuel your foray into the ‘world of the internet’ is the ultimate driver for your business.”

Digital Marketing Update by Cathy Mellett – Digital Marketing Professional, Social Media Consultant and “the buck stops here” owner of Auckland company, Net Branding