10 Skills a Digital Marketing Company should have

Inbound digital marketing requires flexibility and it stands to reason that no month is ever the same.  Not only do businesses have unique company initiatives, the internet is also constantly evolving.

So what should you look for when hiring a digital marketing company?



    1. Digital Strategy: An online marketing company should have thorough understanding, postthumb-3experience and management of the resources and tools responsible for the publication of regular content through your social media channels.  This is more than a community manager.  You need someone who understands the channels your target audience is currently using.  Someone who knows the nuances and context for each of these channels will be able to drive your message across the various channels effectively.
    2. Project management: An online team that has the ability to manage and plan your continuous publishing schedule. Your digital marketing company must be able to develop and apply a broader strategic plan, rather than thinking about each online activity as a stand-alone campaign.
    3. Analytical: An ability to sift through the data and determine what is working online and what requires improvement. An online presence is created in an analytical, methodical and planned way, allowing for new techniques and tools to be included, and online trends assessed and integrated.
    4. Business Acumen: Understanding why you are doing what you are doing in an online environment is important. How are your online activities supporting the business or product goals?
    5. Content Strategy: A digital marketing company that knows how to turn an opportunity identified for an online strategic advantage, into actual content.  That content then needs to be effectively shared across multiple mediums.  They must ensure that all content shared is executed to optimise brand reach across the companies’ multiple online marketing channels.  They should also understand how to curate content if required, or how to scaffold new content to ensure ultimate online SEO goals are achieved.
    6. project-thumb-6Inbound marketing or funnel marketing mind-set: Inbound marketing, content marketing and SEO are amind-set.  You need a digital marketing company with demonstrated understanding of search, social media and content marketing.  This includes a solid understanding of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  They should also seek opportunities to create relevant and opportune content that attracts attention or, in lay speak, they should “think in keywords or key phrases”.
    7. SEO: SEO is a strong consideration and activities associated with this service are driven by current website performance (SERP) and identified terminology used by searchers.  SEO covers multiple facets on your website and naturally content is a critical component.  However it is just one of various factors to be considered.  SEO techniques require a top down view of the site and as with scaffolding, all site elements get constructed with an end goal in mind.
    8. Humour: The online world is changing daily. Things are moving quickly. Think back to when you even coped without email. Life is rushed and we all work long hours. Often it is humour that can break down barriers and provide instant entertainment. A smile can take the stress away and become a memorable interaction with a brand or product. Humour is injects some creativity into your brand’s content strategy and online presence. Use it and add some creativity into your brand’s content strategy. A spark into your digital inbound marketing funnel.
    9. project-thumb-4The people: Who are the people behind the company you choose?  Are you dealing with sales staff or the real people that will be responsible for your job?  Consider this: Perhaps you should assess a company for ‘real’ people.  People with digital and analytical experience who can reach an audience with some great content.
    10. Social Proof: Whilst smaller digital marketing agencies may not always have the time to focus on themselves, they are usually focused on looking after their client’s online profiles and infrastructure.Take a look at their online efforts:


  • Do they have a Facebook page?
  • Is it updated?
  • Do they publish regular content to their blog or news channel?
  • Have they got a YouTube channel?
  • Do they have a twitter following?
  • Are they on Pinterest?

Digital Marketing

Often this is a learning area for these agencies. A presence in these channels is an indicator that they are passionate about delivering even greater results to their clients.


We hope you found this list of 10 things to review when selecting a digital marketing company useful.  If you would like to chat to us about how we could assist you, please be in touch.

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