Website Development and Website Security

Why do we need website security?

In our real world, we consider security for banks and buildings.  This builds barriers to entry and access and is usually determined during construction or fit-out of the bank or building premise. Once completed, this build project will include a secure facility, gates, walls, a secured entry and much of this certainly doesn’t change much over time. Often, we consider our website security in much the same way, we implement good security policies and controls and thereafter much doesn’t change over the passage of time.

Vulnerability knowledge and security fixes

But the reality is that software is built to the best secure standard but over time, vulnerabilities become apparent and new releases of the underpinning website technology e.g WordPress are created. This cycle becomes never ending as new vulnerabilities are found in the revised software versions and again new versions of this software are released to fix those vulnerabilities.

Our website security offer on all our Net branding business websites focuses on

  1. We include walls to block hackers from exploiting security holes and update this protection regularly
  2. We protecting your website and regularly scanning your website for malware

Our website security approach

When we create a business website, our website security software solution is offered to you for a small monthly fee. This certainly identifies and fixes vulnerabilities. Our protection can extend to include country blocking and brute force protection. Our security team includes leading international security experts.