Remarkable Women Radio Cathy Mellett

In today’s episode I had the pleasure of talking to Cathy Mellett from

Founder and CEO of as well as Founder of her charity, Cathy talks to us about how to be seen, be heard, be found® online. This is her trademark sentence and it says everything about what her agency does.

I’ve known Cathy for many years and we don’t always talk about what she does for her day job and business as there is so much to talk about with this talented woman. So in this interview I was thrilled to talk to her specifically about her work, her charity and her new and upcoming book.

I’ve been very impressed with Cathy’s response in her company over this past year, and the responsibility that she feels for her clients. She is in the trenches with her clients, and talks about what to put in place for moments of lockdowns and uncertain futures, as well as how to maximise your presence and business online to help us ride the waves. Since we are more online than ever before, her company is a very handy resource to have in your business toolbox.

When we discuss her imenough charity, we hear how it is poised to help parents navigate the pitfalls of a generation that is more online than offline. As Cathy says, we have all these mini influencers putting their own brand into the online space, but she saw how ill- equipped our children are to cope with the false sense of identity that is created in this space. Coming from the background of having a digital and strategic agency, she knows both sides of what faces our children in this digital age. It isn’t all bad, but the rising tide of anxiety is real. If you have ever wanted to help your child navigate the gloss of the internet vs the reality of life, look up this charity.

“We are possibly building one of the most connected yet disconnected generations” Cathy Mellett

This episode was meant to come out prior to their fundraising initiative which Cathy talks so beautifully about. We had a few things to finalise so didn’t release on our original date to help them get the word out.

I’m enough is an amazing amazing initiative and in my opinion they need more funding. If you or someone you know is interested in hearing more about what they do, and how they can help you or your organisation, please contact or myself and I will pass along any queries you have.

If you need help with your business’s online presence contact Cathy and her team here: Netbranding, you will be in great hands.

Enjoy Ep #45 from Remarkable Women Radio!