Your Website, Our Priority: Premium WordPress Hosting

Introducing “Your Website, Our Priority: Premium WordPress Hosting”. We understand the need of today’s businesses for a reliable and fast website hosting solution – but we also know that it can be difficult to find premium services without having to blow the budget.

Fortunately, you now have access to options that will let you get your website online quickly without breaking the bank! We also include modern WordPress hosting plans that focus on global speed and cutting-edge security measures – as well as a range of managed cloud servers designed to help boost your performance easily and affordably.

To support your self-hosted website, e-commerce or WordPress site, you may be searching for a good hosting provider. We are affiliates of leading provider in the hosting field and are keen to share this opportunity with you. This hosting is a direct arrangement with the provider, but we are always able to support you with any addition website development service, SEO service or Digital Ads (Google Ads, media buy or Meta Ads) that you may require. We are an end to end service provider in the New Zealand digital landscape.

We know that the level of support available to you within this hosting service, allows Your Website is Our Priority – Ready to Understand more about the Hosting Now

E-Commerce and Woo Commerce Hosting

E-commerce hosting is an ideal option for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to operate a successful online store. By choosing managed WooCommerce hosting, businesses are able to benefit from features such as the Cloudflare CDN, Varnish caching engine, Memcached compatibility, free SSL Certificate provided through Let’s Encrypt Authority X3 technology, real-time backups and snapshot capabilities for rapid staging of backtesting initiatives.

Thanks to these resources and others like them – many of which come included in most managed WooCommerce hosting plans – your web store will run faster than ever before with increased security protocols helping protect customer personal data.

In addition to enhanced platform performance resulting from this selection of services and features, site owners should also expect 24/7 expert support via phone or ticketing system at all times while your website remains secure even during uncertain times.

Joomla Hosting

Joomla hosting provides business owners with a powerful and secure platform for creating complex websites. Offering fully managed VPS Cloud hosting solutions, Joomla prioritizes website speed and security, while also ensuring 24/7 technical support in case any issues arise.

With the ability to create sites with advanced functionality like ecommerce stores, membership pages or subscription-style services, Joomla is an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes who want more from their website than basic content management offers.

Users can take advantage of all the features that Joomla has to offer without having to worry about managing security updates or optimizing performance – it’s automatically done as quickly as possible by expert professionals on their behalf.

The dedicated user community backing up this open source CMS helps make sure any questions are answered quickly should they have them; plus there’s plenty of documentation available right when users need it most.

There are plenty of tutorials available online too if you prefer learning at your own pace – whatever works best for your business needs! At the end of day, Joomla webhosting gives busy entrepreneurs peace-of-mind knowing their site is optimized and secure so they can focus on running other aspects of their business.

Optimized WordPress Hosting Features

Enjoy lightning fast speed, top-notch security and free SSL certificate for your website with our powerful WordPress Hosting Services. Read more to explore other features!

Global speed and performance

Optimized WordPress Hosting helps business owners ensure a reliable, stable and secure website for their customers. With the help of load-balanced servers, this hosting solution is able to speed up your WordPress site performance significantly, while also working to handle the sudden increases in traffic which can occur due to peak demand or marketing campaigns.

Object Cache Pro is another extremely helpful feature available on Optimized WordPress Hosting specifically designed for enhanced performance offered by WP Engine – one of the most renowned managed WordPress hosting providers.

This provides an extra layer of caching that makes loading times even faster with database calls being optimized through persistent memory caches reducing roundtrips and saving resources allowing users around your entire globe enjoy a smooth experience no matter when and where they are accessing your website from.

Cutting-edge security

Cutting-edge security

We understand just how important security is to business owners and this is why we have partnered with an expert in the hosting world. Our WordPress hosting plan includes a full suite of advanced security measures like firewalls, malware scanning, DDoS protection and intrusion prevention systems.

Our cutting-edge security techniques help to ensure that your website remains protected against any malicious attacks or online threats it might face. You can trust us to keep your site safe so you can focus on running the day-to-day operations of your business with peace of mind.

Free SSL certificate

As business owners, protecting your website is our top priority! That’s why we understand the importance of having a free SSL certificate for securely encrypting and validating domains and user identities.

A free SSL certificate gives you peace of mind knowing that all communication between users on your site is private. As well as this it helps to boost customer confidence in your identity which may lead to more conversions away from potential customers who are wary about providing personal information online.

Furthermore, having an SSL certificate also makes sure search engines prioritize secure sites when being displayed so it’s a great way to ensure you stay ahead of the competition by appearing higher up on results pages.

Automatic WordPress updates

We understand that for website owners and developers, the importance of having reliable, secure, and up-to-date websites is paramount. That’s why we offer automatic WordPress updates – optimized speed and performance as well as enhanced security for your site.

With our Updates feature, updating your WordPress site is automated to help make maintenance easier. Not only do you get an easy update process but also improved stability and reliability due to always being on the latest version of WordPress which can often include bug fixes.

Furthermore by ensuring steady backups are taken before every single update no matter how minor or major it is; any disasters or issues can quickly be rectified with our 24/7 support team ready at your disposal.

Website backup

We understand the importance of a secure and reliable website for our customers’ business needs. That is why we provide comprehensive website backup options as part of our Optimized WordPress Hosting package here in New Zealand.

Our Website Backup provides automated online backup for WordPress websites with ease, as all data is securely stored on the cloud with instant restoration capabilities should you ever need it – even if an earlier version of your site needs to be recovered due to any technical issue or malicious activity.

Our team can help guide users on how to manually back up their WordPress sites or use one of the industry-leading plugins available such as VaultPress, BackUpWordPress, UpdraftPlus, BlogVault, and BackWPup.

24/7 real-time expert support

As business owners, we understand that smooth and reliable website hosting is essential to ensure successful operations. That’s why we offer our customers premium WordPress hosting solutions with 24/7 real-time expert support.

This type of assistance is invaluable for any business as it provides immediate help whenever you need it most. Whether that be security issues or technical troubleshooting, the knowledgeable support staff on hand are available anytime day or night to resolve them quickly and efficiently.

With faster response times and professional expertise, these experts can help ensure all aspects of your website are running smoothly – saving you both stress and time in the long run! Not only this but they can provide advice and guidance when making changes or upgrades to your service at any point too so whatever stage you’re at with your online presence you have a helping hand standing by ready to lend their specialist skills!

Managed Cloud Servers

The emergence of cloud hosting means that businesses now have the opportunity to enjoy cost and time-saving managed hosting services without having to hire an in-house IT team. Managed cloud servers provide benefits such as superior support, optimized performance, and enhanced security – meaning website owners can focus on the core business instead of technical issues.

By using data centers located in multiple countries around the world, your websites will always perform optimally for users across different geographies. The automatic updates ensure that websites are kept up to date with changes in technology.

Additionally, 24/7 real-time expert customer service is available should you ever need help troubleshooting any issue related to hosted sites or servers. These features are all included within most managed cloud server packages so make sure you thoroughly check any providers’ offerings to determine which one best suits your needs and budget.

Live Chat, Online Ticketing. Advanced Support

Conclusion – 24/7/365 Live Chat, Online Ticketing. Advanced Support SLA’s Available.

With premium WordPress hosting, website owners can rest easy knowing that they have a reliable affiliate partner to support their online presence. 24/7 live chat, online ticketing, and advanced support SLA’s are available round-the-clock with most providers making it easier for business owners to find help quickly when they need it.

Having this type of customer service at hand helps to ensure a smooth and hassle-free web experience for all users involved. Furthermore dedicated teams of experienced WordPress experts are available to offer advice and assistance anytime required which provides peace of mind without any additional cost – something that many companies find invaluable when getting started or growing their online presence.

Take advantage of Premium hosting plans today.


1. What is premium WordPress hosting?
Premium WordPress hosting is a specialised webhosting service that provides enhanced support and resources for running websites powered by the WordPress platform.

2. How does it differ from shared hosting?
Shared hosting servers provide basic features at a low cost but they are slower and lack the performance of high-end premium systems which offer greater speed, reliability and security as well as guaranteed uptime.

3. How can I compare different webhosting services?
When comparing webhosting services you should consider factors such as level of support, price, scalability and availability of additional features such as backups or load balancing services to help ensure your website operates reliably under all conditions.

4. Why should I choose your Premium WordPress Hosting service?
Our dedicated team offers industry leading levels of expertise, customer service & product quality with an emphasis on providing reliable secure & fast webservers to give our customers peace of mind when choosing us for their online presence needs.