How visible is your business online? In today’s online world, any business that is marketed well online will always hold an advantage. With an Internet-savvy approach to marketing, it’s possible, with a few strategic and well-planned clicks, to put your brand in front of a huge online audience.

The more visible your business is online the more aware people will be of your brand, and its products and services. The key lies in having a strong online presence.

Does your business have such a strong online presence? Do you have the right CRM system to ensure that the leads to your business generated by your online presence are being followed up and are making their way effectively through your leads funnel? Are you being seen, being heard and being found online?

If these are questions to which you’d like to hear the answers, then make sure you listen in on this recent interview by Mandy Beverley of Remarkable Women Radio with Net Branding’s Director Cathy Mellett.

Branding businesses on the Internet

Net Branding, an Auckland-based full-service, integrated online marketing company, was founded by Cathy out of a need to help the small business start-ups of friends and family weather the crunch of the Great Financial Crisis of 2008. The name says it all, namely, branding businesses on the Internet.

Benefiting from Cathy’s decades-long experience in the IT industry and by applying her tried and tested methodology around how to develop a successful online presence, these small businesses were able to weather the crisis and flourish. And the rest, as they say, is history. Today, Net Branding has become the trusted digital partner of numerous small and medium businesses across the length and breadth of New Zealand, helping them to effectively be seen, be heard and be found online.

Keys to business success online

In the Remarkable Women Radio interview, Cathy also talks about other keys to business success in staying current with the ever-changing digital world by understanding how all the elements of your digital presence hang together, testing new things, and making sure your online presence is responsive and optimised for the unprecedented growth in mobile that is now sweeping the world.

There is also practical advice about online digital marketing and what to do to ensure your business can be seen, be heard and be found online – and some of the pitfalls to avoid.

To find out more about Net Branding and the wide range of services offered by Net Branding’s team of digital marketing experts to help your business develop the best ways to build genuine online relationships that will engage and connect with your customers, develop loyalty to your brand and drive sales, visit

A remarkable woman – inspiration and strategies for success in business and life

Like many other women in business, Cathy’s success has been determined by her ability to successfully juggle multiple tasks every day. If you’d like to hear more about what inspired Cathy to start her own business and what continues to inspire her to stick with it, and the key to being able to juggle the multi-tasks effectively, then listen in on the Remarkable Women Radio interview with Cathy. We’ll let you in on two of the keys here; one is ‘delegation’ and the other has to do with overcoming ‘procrastination’, but listen in on the interview to find out more.