Google Shuts Down Google Business Profile Websites: Here’s What You Can Do

Businesses currently using Google’s website builder will have to rebuild their site on another platform. This follows Google’s announcement that it’s shutting down websites made through its business profiles.

According to Google, this planned shutdown will begin in March 2024 – but what does this mean for your business?

If you have a website made with Google Business Profiles, customers who visit your site will be redirected to your Business Profile on Google until the 10th of June. Any customers who visit your website after June will encounter a “page not found” error.

Google website shutdown: What you should know

Here are some of the key points relevant to you with the website shutdown:

  • Your Google Business Profile itself won’t be affected.
  • Google recommends updating your Google Business Profile to the latest website.
  • Customers who click on your website domain will be redirected to your Google Business Profile until the 10th of June 2024.
  • If your website domain ends with and, it will be removed from your Business Profile.

Why this matters

This is significant news for businesses using Google’s website builder, which will impact how customers search for them online. Many small businesses utilise Google’s free Business Profile website, and this decision is a significant one.

Businesses will have to use another website builder to establish their online presence because it is important for customers to find them. According to Adam Boote, Director of Growth at Localsearch, businesses need to act quickly to maintain their online footprint.

“We’ve experienced a significant increase in demand for new websites across the board. This heightened interest underscores the importance for businesses to maintain a robust online presence in today’s digital landscape.

For those who are yet to transition away from a Google Business Profile website, it is crucial to act now to ensure your business’s online presence is not significantly impacted from Friday onwards.”

Localsearch Executive Chairman Daniel Stoten echoes this sentiment and highlights the importance of an effective website.

“Maintaining a robust online presence is crucial for businesses in our increasingly digital world. A well-designed website serves as the digital storefront for a business, allowing customers to discover services, gather information, and engage with the brand at their convenience.

With Google phasing out websites created through Google Business Profiles, it’s imperative for businesses affected by this change to act swiftly.”

What you should do

If you’re affected by the change, here are some steps to ensure you maintain a strong online footprint.

Build another website ASAP

Website builders such as WordPress are a great alternative to building an intuitive site that works for your business. Before choosing your website platform, consider factors such as costs, usability, security, and integration to avoid future headaches.

Update your website listing online

If you’ve listed your website URL online, then you should update them soon after your new website is built. This can include updating on platforms such as your social media pages, Yellow Pages, and any other websites containing your website address.

Adjust your ad campaigns

If you’re running ad campaigns on Google or on social media that links back to your previous website, put them on pause or change the URL. This will ensure that customers are not directed to an error page or a profile without a clear call to action.

If you have any offline advertising campaigns that link back to the website, remember to change those as well to avoid disruptions.

Communicate to customers and vendors

If you have any customers or vendors who frequent your site, you must keep them informed regarding your website change. It could be a simple post on social media or an email notifying customers that your website is currently being upgraded.

Key takeaway

While this news from Google may seem daunting, it’s a great opportunity for your business to build an effective website that captures leads and sales. Speak to our team at Net Branding on how we can build a customised and responsive website through WordPress.