1) Where is your visibility?

The first one of the digital marketing strategies you should consider is visibility. Your visibility is about understanding how your competition is doing. It is mostly about understanding all the elements of your website, including your domain name, your site structure, your visibility, your customers, your competitors. Are they looking for you or performing against you?

So, visibility becomes a critical area that you should focus on in your digital strategy.

digital marketing strategies

2) Your Search Engine Optimisation

Where would you be if our websites are found only on page 10 on Google? Hardly anywhere in terms of that organic flow! Means visitors are not able to find your website in the first’s searches, which means you could seriously lose some customers. And if you are on the 10th page, then obviously there are other strategies that you would need to implement to bring your business into the first pages. But then, SEO and SEO services would become an essential element to consider.

3) Is your pay per click?

When we talk about pay per click, we can speak of a multitude of environments, but mostly, we refer to your Google Ads. Naturally, you can do Bing ads, social media ads, banner ads, image ads, video ads and more. But your pay per click is possibly a strategy for you to consider for your online business success.

4) Content marketing

We have spoken about content marketing for probably the last 12 years (if not more). Content is king, and websites with content ‘are loved by Google’. But its not only about writing lots of meaningless content. We recommend to employ somebody or if you are going to do it yourself, ensure that the content has a structure to it so that it gives Google a clear outline as what you are hoping your website to be found for.

5) You email marketing

Often, we talk about bringing people to our website, connecting with people, bringing new leads through to the website. But what about these people that you’ve dealt with already? Or that you’ve already had some connection with? Don’t forget about your email marketing as one of those areas for digital marketing success.

6) Social Media

Social Media it’s only been around for 12 years, but is a large element of that digital strategy. Think about what platforms you intend to use for your online connection or reach in this environment.

7) A great website!

What does a great website mean? Consider choosing a website that looks clean and clear. Should have some great immigrant on with one that is well designed, and with one that has been tested for funnelling and low conversion.

These are just some tips to think about around your website and your website’s performance in that online space.

8) Video SEO

Over the last four or five years, we’ve spoken about video SEO. This practice is all about creating videos that are found on YouTube and search results or in the terms that you would need. At Net Branding, we have a solid reputation for creating those find-able videos in that online space.

Consider one last step through a proper digital marketing strategy: integration. It is not worth it if you follow these steps in isolation. Think about actually connecting them all to ensure that they’re all working together to support your business.

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