I’ve been invited to contribute to the Global Social Media Summit

The Global Social Media Summit is happening from Friday 23 October – Sunday 25 October. I am one of 18  fantastic experts from seven countries around the world who are really using Social Media brilliantly to gain more freedom, substantially more personal prosperity and connect with the exact audience they want, reducing work hours and stress.

You should definitely register, it’s absolutely complimentary: www.socialmediasummits.com

Here are a few things being taught at The Summit:

  • How to use LinkedIn to get to the exact right prospect and maximise their spend with you
  • New ways to integrate with Facebook and find the fairy garden hidden from the unenlightened
  • Powerful copywriting that has your audience taking action
  • The top 5 reasons why your website is not making money
  • From Instagram to Insta-money and Podcasting to power playing

Honestly, there is so much happening you should just register and see what inspires you.

There is even a live panel to kick it off focussing on making money online in the next month. That is useful for everyone. The organisers have been running events since 2005, so they have really selected the presenters well. They are not all ‘ra ra’ speakers nor are they all corporates.