As we all know, the COVID-19 has impacted every corner of the world and over the past 6 months, we all have been living uncertainty around what is going to happen with our future. While at the same time we are feeling the kind of fear that we have never felt before.

As we move forward with our day to day activities and try to cope with this unexpected incident, I have had a few people reach out to me, people who are having a hard time getting back to a form of normal.  A recurring question that I am asked is, –  what should they do as a business when it comes to their social media posts and updates over the next few months?

There is no right and no wrong answers in this matter. I can only urge you to do what feels right to you.

However, I will share my experience and thoughts on how I, as a business owner and a person, am coping with this pandemic.

We now know for certain how stressful the events of this situation can be, sadly, we can’t predict how long would it take the world to be in place again. We have been seeing on the news for the last months how many countries are struggling with more new cases. Not to mention this last outbreak that we are experiencing in our nation of New Zealand.

I personally have been impacted with the loss of a friend in 2018 to a murder, a close family member to suicide, the passing of loved ones during this pandemic and other close friends and family who have had a COVID diagnosis.

This world is a sad place with so many worldwide atrocities taking place each day (some are not even covered by the media).

But this is New Zealand!

We are worldwide known as being one of the lead countries in developing appropriate strategies for handling the COVID-19 challenges. This is a place that cares about people and their wellbeing.

This unexpected event impacted our health, our routine, our economy, and our plans. But it didn’t break us. It is only bringing us together as a nation and united communities to stand together and be safe and kind.

Moving forward into the second week on level 3

I believe, in these uncertain times, we need to hold to what makes New Zealand special. We need to come together as a nation and work together to keep going daily. No one wants to go back but the reality is… it is not over.

What do I know to keep going?

As hard as it may be of all of us to get back to normal, we must at least try..

We need to be strong and work on building a strong economy for New Zealand. People make businesses and our businesses, large and small, make our economy.

Why? Because through a strong economy we will be able to help each other in recovering from any impacts this pandemic may have brought.

So, when thinking about sharing information about the COVID-19, ask yourself the following: Will this content motivate and support my community?

Whether it be a social media post, a news item for your business, a product launch, a media release or a general day to day activity, I would urge you to stop and ask yourself the following question: “Will this show the world who we are as a nation, am I standing in the space of a positive belief and solid virtues that I hold close. Is what I am doing or sharing kind, caring, and considerate? Will this make New Zealand stronger and help me or my business support the New Zealand economy?’’

I know these are hard times, but I strongly believe that if we work together as a community, if we stay local and support each other, we can beat this together.

Let’s make your business (and ourselves) stronger to give back to our nation and grow New Zealand and most importantly, let’s support one another with kindness.