We are all already quite familiar with the use of this tool on social networks, so now we should focus on new ways to use hashtags to benefit your business. It is quite normal to see the famous #’s throughout many different networks, and we even know that they are a useful tool for brand positioning, increasing interaction and turning content into a trend.

These are the new ways in which you can take advantage of the use of hashtags on your social networks:

Focus on your audience

In addition to being effective in building your brand and increasing interactions, they can also help you find your target audience. Hashtags make your audience find you. Using the same HTs as your audience, you will have the opportunity to build an audience and generate more interest in your brand.

Be specific

Less is more. Do not over use hashtags. It is preferable to focus attention on specific people and keywords to keep your messaging clear and concise. You also make sure that your content is more likely to be seen by the people that are in your target audience.

new ways to use hashtags

Be aware of trends

Trending topics are constantly changing and being updated. You have to be aware of news relevant to your business and utilise these opportunities to position your brand in front of potential customers.

Build a community

Traffic is generated by users and it is important that they feel recognised by your brand and that they feel that your content represents their lifestyle. This will help to grow a community of loyal customers who engage with your brand and products on an ongoing basis.

Adapt your hashtags to each social network

Although hashtags serve the same purpose of discovering and categorising content on all social networks, their use varies depending on the channel. The use of hashtags will depend on the social network you are using and the type of publication.

For example, on Instagram we use them to describe content. On Twitter, hashtags are more focused on a topic of conversation or a group of people with whom we would like to connect.

Now you know, hashtags will allow you to have an impact on audiences on social networks. Be sure to share the best content and make a good impression. Always monitor your content and your hashtags with help of tools or advisors. You can also change you hashtags multiple time a day or decide which one is better for a specific campaign.

Don’t be afraid to explore and try! If you need more information or advice, contact the team of Net Branding for support.