The uncertainty and fear generated by the new COVID-19 virus worldwide is uncontrollable and generates many unpleasant news and the coronavirus business impacts are getting denser than expected.  As business owners it represents a great obstacle since it is necessary to define strategies that we had not previously considered, since the probability of such a situation happening is practically null. So, how should we prepare a Coronavirus business plan and face the situation in our work teams?

Keep in touch with the news

Before creating any It is extremely important to be informed to know the real situation and the plans drawn up by local, regional and state administrations and to follow all the recommendations and obligations that as citizens we have in our community.

Create your own Coronavirus business plan for during lockdown

Create an adequate plan for your type of business, without trying to match that of some other company, since each sector has its own particular needs and a different address during the closure.

It is always recommended to be informed about the current situation, to have real and immediate communication with your staff. Since we are in a rare situation, which is changing day by day, it is necessary to have an action plan to know how to act in each eventuality, no matter how unreal it may seem.

Double check the information regarding COVID-19

The information traffic generated by a global pandemic makes everything become a trend quickly. This is a reason of why it is important to understand the responsibility to communicate truthfully and check what you are going to publish. It is necessary to take the time to verify the information that circulates and the source from which they come from, to know if it is essential to share it with your team or not. Look for official and reliable sources, either governmental or with a clean record, to ensure that it is true information.

A pandemic like the one we are experiencing generates panic and uncertainty in businesses and communities. So beyond communicating the real and official information, you have to do it responsibly. Tone and shape matter. It is not the same to transmit a message that generates uncertainty and terror in society, just for the sake of selling more or achieving greater reach. Form matters, especially if what is at stake is the health and life of the world’s population.

Think smart when creating a Coronavirus marketing plan for your company or business. Consider what is best for your team and what opportunities to take advantage of.

coronavirus marketing plan

Consider the impacts that Coronavirus will bring to your business:

As responsible of our business, we must keep in mind the inevitable impacts that this pandemic will bring us in order to neutralize and abide by them in the best way

-Labour impacts

As this is a health crisis, the first thing to work on in your Coronavirus marketing plan is the impact it will have on our employees. How the stress of this situation can affect your personal, emotional and work well-being.

-Productive impacts

Adopt concrete measures in each sector of your company, considering the needs of each one to continue operating in the best possible way and at the same time respecting the necessary measures to stay safe.

Impact on sales

Some companies may take advantage of this contingency as a short-term business opportunity, while others may be drastically affected. This depends directly on the turn that your business has. We will have to develop ideas about where we can continue to be competitive while everything returns to normal and develop skills that allow us to adapt to the sudden changes that are coming.

Economic impact

Although it seems that this is the most important to consider in our Coronavirus marketing plan , we must always bear in mind that our financial situation will be conditioned by the execution of contingency plans in the previous points. If the impact is too unfair, we can find allies that will allow us to sustain ourselves for the duration of this crisis.

Consider health and safety as a priority

We must not forget that the health and well-being of people is the most important thing in this case. Transmitting calm is the beginning for actions and plans to be properly executed. We must think that the information or strategies that we generate to benefit our company can directly affect, in a good or bad way, other businesses and other people, so it is always recommended to have a solution geared towards social welfare in general.

At Net Branding we specialise in knowing our client and their needs, as well as being a team with a human sense. Find us if you need a Coronavirus marketing plan, in the field of marketing, online sales, SEO and social media. We can get something fruitful out of every crisis!