Privacy is a very important element, not only in the daily life of people and for good interpersonal relationships, but also in the new social model that we operate today, online. Everything is or is operated by an account, specially the online market.

Protecting online privacy or personal information is as important as protecting bank accounts or Social Security numbers, especially if they are access to accounts linked to a business. To maintain adequate control of your accounts and avoid scam in Google accounts you own, such as those like Google Mail or Google Ads, it is necessary to take certain precautions to avoid fraud and scams.

This article was prompted when our Google ads specialists noted unauthorised attempts by companies to gain access to client online advertising accounts.

scam in google accounts

How to identify a scam in google accounts or other online accounts?

Today it is common for there to be hundreds of scam services and online hackers that are responsible for spreading false information and, of course, taking advantage of the disadvantageous situations of account owners. Unfortunately, it is common for online businesses to be exposed to this type of risk, which is why an appropriate security protocol for your type of business is necessary.

One of the most common scammers’ strategies for attacking corporate accounts is to send phishing emails disguised as messages from the corporate server or public email services to shared addresses. The serious companies, especially the large companies, take care of the maintenance of your email servers by themselves.

In the case of an attack targeting a particular organisation, scammers often collect as much information as possible in advance so that their emails are convincing. To give credibility and authenticity, they can include the victim’s email addresses in phishing hyperlinks, so that when they visit the fake page, the address already appears and they just have to enter the password. This is how they manage to scam in google accounts, or any other mailing service.

In Net Branding we have noticed an increase in  failed- attempts to access our accounts, with no success, but they motivate us to reinforce our security measures for our brand and for our client’s businesses.

How do I avoid being at risk of fraudulent account access?

 It is important to always be careful to check who is granting access to the accounts and always keep in mind that they are trustworthy people or that they represent a secure service, always backed by a contract that can help them in case of any risk. Many times in businesses with large teams it is difficult to be monitoring who has the accesses, passwords or account management, however, there are different control protocols such as confidentiality contracts to help prevent information from leaking.

A good online security technician or service can help you prevent or even block scammers who try to access your account without your permission. Contact Net Branding if you have enquires of how to protect your account access from scammers, or simply give more security to your business.

Our website team also specialise in Website Security and Hack Protection Services.