Your business website during a Recession.  What can you do to Be Seen, Heard and Found?

FACT: Your business website is the foundation of all your digital marketing effort. 

As you look over your business expenses when cash flow is tight, you could be tempted to scale back on your business website work, take your website offline, or perhaps even scale back or stop the work that you are doing to your website to gain visibility i.e.  SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

For ideas on how you could cut back on some of your business expenses during a recession you may find some valuable tips on Budget Cutting ideas for NZ businesses.

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This is the time to work on your business and not in your business.

Do I stop my Online Google Ads during an economic downturn?

“Stopping Google ads completely, should be avoided”, says Digital Consultant, Cathy Mellett. “As you close off ads, your remarketing options become outdated and it will take a while to ramp these strategies back up.  My suggestion is to keep things ticking over.  Yes, reduce your daily spend if you must, but keep some of your Google / online ads working for you.  The benefit to you is that if other competitors have turned off their advertising, your cost per click may drop significantly.“

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation during a Recession: Is this important?

SEO may be a cost for your business.  But, as businesses start to refocus, this cost may well increase in the foreseeable future.

What is the real impact of a poorly ranking or low visibility website?

  • Low or ZERO traffic directed to your business website from search engines.  This is called organic traffic.
  • Low online visibility with low SEO rankings.  Your business website is on page 50 or less. Who scrolls down that far?  No one will find you there.
  • With low rankings, you will have zero website leads or enquiries
  • Customer loyalty is often underpinned with brand visibility.  No or low visibility online may mean your customers go elsewhere.
  • An E-commerce website without visibility may not led to online sales.
  • People trust websites that are on the 1st page of Google.  Lower ranking websites equate to lower trust from your customers and clients
  • It is an unconscious assumption that people who are the first page of Google are probably the experts in their industry.

How can SEO services help?

A company that delivers SEO services can help with your ranking.  This can often be described as a SEO Ranking service.  In simple terms, Search Engine Optimisation helps your business website, climb through the pages in Google to achieve better online visibility.

You could opt to do this yourself, or you could choose to use the services of an SEO company or SEO expert.

Why do I need a business website?

This is a little like asking, why do I need products or services to sell?

Years ago, a business website was a nice to have.  Today, your business website is the foundation of your online digital presence.

It is you showcasing what you do to the world.

This is where people, your existing and potential customers, go to learn about your services, your products and your offer.  It is where they educate themselves and it is where you can share your knowledge and expertise.  Without a company website, this is no longer a possibility and someone else, a competitor is then able to dazzle these searchers with their brilliance.

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