Searching for Self Isolation Rentals?  Or, perhaps you have self-isoloation accommodation available that can be used by someone or a family needing to self isolate.

As a business, the environment has changed around us.  But, there are still opportunities that can be found. If appropriate, please register your service on This website offers community support whilst people self-isolate.

I attended an online meeting this morning (24/3/2020).  The overarching focus was, focus on WHAT CAN WE DO rather than WHAT CANT BE DONE.

Step out of your comfort zone.  This is where miracles can happen.

In my opinion there are many things that can be done. For many, it may push you out of your comfort zone. This was indeed the situation this morning.  A Zoom session and related technology was new to many on the call.

But – who knows –  getting comfortable with a camera focused on you could actually be a step you need to take as you look at Video content options for your Digital Marketing.

Yet, whilst being out of your comfort zone was certainly experienced for some of the attendees, we know that being on the fringe of a comfort zone is where the most growth is experienced.  I know that this is true to all areas of our life and our  business, and its associated potential, is no exception to this.

Why not look at your business and actively consider what value add options you could actually explore and implement right now.

Online is key.  This applies to both essential and non essential services.  If you do have a service to offer perhaps in insurance, or a fitness centre, then there is a huge opportunity for you now.  Remember our starting point.  We will chose to focus on what can be done rather than what cannot be done.

Digital marketing, your website and online presence.

My advice is, don’t loose your momentum. TAKE ACTION. Stay focused and keep your eyes fixed on the road ahead.   Progress may be two steps forward and one back, but you are still moving.  Positivity is a mindset.

Stay safe out there.  We will get through this.



Digital Marketing Consultant, Owner of Net Branding and Founder of I’m Enough.

Self Isolation and Business Keep going. Digital Marketing, your website and Being found with SEO is important during these uncertain times.
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