3 Keys to New Zealand Business Digital Transformation

What is Digital Transformation?

Over the decades, businesses have always changed and shown innovation. With the fast speed of evolving digital technologies, the impact on business presents both, challenges and opportunities. Company assets have grown to include digital assets. It would be difficult to ignore that we currently live in an era when technology’s impact on our businesses and societies is constant.

Think back 20 years. Would you have predicted that a company website would have evolved into a key digital asset within an organisation?

Looking forward, consider the evolution and opportunity presented by Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and even the valuable information that exists within free tools such as Google Analytics.

In summary and by a Net Branding definition, digital transformation can be viewed as the transforming of current business actions, activities, process, and models to incorporate and leverage of current opportunities presented by digital technologies. Opportunities to provide value for both customers and employees and allow businesses to compete in this ever-changing world.

Digital transformation, whilst spoken about, often is still a relatively young but rapidly evolving area.

Digital Assets – Who’d have thought?

How often do we review, assess and reflect on the information and statistics that our digital assets hold? This information is ripe collateral bursting with opportunities for process improvements, trends identification and relevant information that is important for business growth. These assets can provide so much insight into your business.

Consider the New Zealand housing market? “Hot spots in Northland are Waipu, Whangarei Heads, Paihia and Tutukaka which all have a significant increase in users looking in those areas. Whangarei Heads is the suburb to watch, with online engagement up by 42 percent on the same time last year. In the Far North, Kerikeri surrounds, Paihia and the Karikari Peninsula were the most searched,” Brendon Skipper, chief executive of realestate.co.nz said”. (herald.co.nz -12 July 2016).

Post the Brexit vote, Immigration New Zealand confirmed that their New Zealand immigration website received more than 5500 UK visits per day in the 3-day period following the vote. If you are an immigration advisor, would this highlight a potential target market? If you are a rental property specialist, looking to help relocate families, is this not a ripe market for marketing consideration?

In both these examples, critical and available information has been reviewed and assessed in order to identify a trend and uncover a business or commercial opportunity.

Digital Transformation, the key to New Zealand Business Success.

What are the 3 key areas to your digital transformation success?

  1. Speed:
    Technologies are evolving rapidly. A conscious management focuses on this evolution and the opportunities they present. This may start off informally as organisations aim to improve specific touch points and business processes. Eventually, organisations become bolder as they seek support to underpin new technology opportunities.
  2. Balance:
    The strategy is important for direction and focus but when opportunities arise that require an instant action, these should be exploited. Collaboration between teams shared insights to contribute to greater digital transformation ownership, efforts, and future investment. This is a mindset that can be slightly difficult to create within larger organisations.
  3. Data:
    This information is critical to identify external trends but more importantly opportunities for internal process and system improvement. A business and management process to identify and act upon technology and market trends in an expedient fashion.

As has always been, business transformation is focused on process and business improvement but as digital marketing evolves, the information and cross-functional opportunities will certainly pave the way for a modern business, and customer focused offering.

Digital transformation is here to stay.

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