The best 10 step  Website Checklist. 

How to perfect your Website?  by Digital Marketing Agency, Net Branding

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  • Websites date! They look tired but often if you draw back the layer of design there are a few things that are also missing?
  • What is this costing your business daily?
  • There are 10 critical success factors within your website and that’d be the difference between success and failure online.

Your FREE website Checklist

In this free website checklist, you will find some of those answers.  We will detail the 10 most important elements that you
should have on your website.  And we know, that if you cannot tick off number one, then you are losing a minimum of 30% of your traffic, irrespective of the industry that you operate in.

And yes, it is probably more than that.

In this website checklist, we’ll coverwebsite-design-development-keyideas

  • Am I losing customers because my website is too slow?
  • Is my website able to be used easily from a mobile device? How much traffic am I losing?
  • How many broken links are there on my website and how many customers is this costing me?


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