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RAW (Reclaim Another Woman), found by Annah Stretton, is an initiative that matches mentors with women who have been victims of domestic violence. RAW helps the women that have been subjected to violent situations find a pathway forward and Net Branding supports this model down to its core.

RAW aims to guide and support the RAW women into a journey of education and supports women through different programs by creating opportunities while addressing disparity; strengthening families and communities.

RAW enables the next generation to be nurtured through the education system with a highly functional mother and Net Branding is one of the biggest proud supporters. We provide pro bono digital marketing and website services to support RAW.

In a world of digital marketing and social media, Net Branding is happy to provide a valuable tool for RAW to communicate with a wide potential audience. And this month our director, Cathy Mellett is the Business Hero of Raw.

Cathy’s Devotion to RAW:

Cathy’s dedication and support to this cause is truly admirable. She has (on pro bono basis) established and managed the website for “RAW 2014 Limited” by creating a highly functional site that enables strong storytelling, as well as engagement and promotion of the RAW initiative.

In Cathy’s words about RAW:

‘RAW changes lives. The results are tangible and real and the impact far reaching on those it touches. RAW women are encouraged and empowered to develop and grow beyond the boundaries that society and their circumstances appear to have locked them into. A woman who is secure, safe and able to contribute to society is an asset and role model to her family. This influence on a Kiwi family can break a horrific cycle and prevent a lost generation. This positive impact on the families in our society is why I am a proud supporter of RAW.’

How Can You Become a Supporter?

If you wish to become involved with RAW, connect with the team at RAW and become an important contributor to this incredible cause.

RAW would love to hear from you:

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