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Understanding SEO or  Search Engine Optimisation a little more! Shared by Net Branding for SEO | Search Engine Optimisation Auckland. SEO stands for “search engine optimisation” and is the process of getting internet traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” listings on search engines. All major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have such results, where web pages and other …

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social media article in Cleo Magazine

The Facebook Fast as published in Cleo Magazine | April 2014

  Link to FACEBOOK Article.   The social networking site has become perhaps a little too social.  Daisy Sillis has had enough of over-sharers and updates from people she hardly knows – and she’s not the only one logging off…. read more.  FACEBOOK Article.      

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LinkedIn reached 300 million members | Social Marketing Update

Social Marketing News Update shared by Net Branding The career-focused social network LinkedIn says it’s reached 300 million members, with more than half the total outside the US. But vice president Deep Nishar says the company needs to get more people using the service on mobile devices. “We know mobile is critical,” he said. “Later this year, we are going …

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Seo Social Media Services And Websites

Online Marketing | Social Media and SEO – a world of constant change.

Online Marketing – An Internet world of constant change. Be Heard, Be Seen, Be Found Online with Net Branding Ltd (New Zealand | Auckland) Online Marketing | Social Media and SEO – a world of constant change. The online marketing, social media and SEO environment is under constant change and as a result, your online social media and web marketing …

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Facebook Ads – automatic promotion of Facebook updates

One thing that is constant within the world of online marketing is change and here is another change to our Facebook Ads A little over a year ago, Facebook added an advertisement feature to Facebook Pages to give page admins the ability to automatically promote Facebook page posts, in order to help the Page get more “likes”. Now, it seems that Facebook …

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Does Facebook Advertising Work

Does Facebook Advertising Work?

Does Facebook Adverting Work ? Facebook Ads are targeted according to your Facebook profile information.  All the information you provide to Facebook such as your age, location, education, relationship status, interests  e.g favourite movies or  books you read become available. All of this valuable information is indirectly available to Facebook advertisers who then have access to this consolidated data and can utilise this Facebook data to reach the right …

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Facebook Buys Whatsapp

Why would Facebook purchase WhatsApp?

This article has been sourced for you by the team at Net Branding.   Why would Facebook want to purchase WhatsApp? Facebook revealed that WhatsApp has some 450 million active monthly users, 70 percent of whom use the messaging service daily. At that rate, says Facebook, the number of WhatsApp messages approaches the total number of SMS text messages sent …

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Content Shock And Seo

Content Shock and Social Media

Content is king but,  and from an SEO perspective valuable and quality content is and probably always will be a solid SEO Strategy.  But let’s take a look at the two factors that impact the economics of content marketing — the amount of content available and the amount of content consumed (supply and demand).  Yes Economics 101. Content Shock.  How …

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Increase Your Facebook Page Reach

Do you want to increase and maximise your Facebook Organic Reach?

I am repeatedly asked about Facebook and how to improve your Facebook organic reach?  Whilst this was easy a couple of years back, things have changed.   But do you need to do Facebook advertising or can you improve your organic reach by making a few changes to your existing Facebook page?  Below you will find a few suggestions that I hope will be …

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