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What are over 2,270,000 NZ Facebook Users saying about your business ONLINE?

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Let us set-up your business social profiles and create AWARENESS for your business or profile online.

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An AUDIT to maximise your opportunities?

What does your LinkedIN PROFILE say about you? We can help.

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Be found Online? Rank organically for chosen keywords.

Net Branding for Pure SEO and Great Websites Plus Social Media Services in Auckland

A website marketing company, with a reputation for providing results for small businesses with limited budgets.

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Your personal website, SEO and social media coach. We help your business get online results with Social Media. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Blogging. Be Heard, Be Seen and Be found Online.

Net Branding Ltd  has extended our Internet Marketing, Social Media and Branding Services to more than 250 New Zealand and International businesses, helping them establish a strong online presence, a continual increase in website traffic, more conversions and a systematic process to follow should they want to DIY their online reputation.

Whether you need a new website, are wanting to create a blog /news portal or have decided to go social and use social media, then look no further, we can help.

Our Online Marketing Services

  • Be Seen | Website design and development services
  • Be Heard | Social media services and consulting, blog creation and support, branding and online marketing, online advertising campaigns
  • Be Found | SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services

At Net Branding you get:

  • The very best quality work, at a sensible price.
  • A technical business colleague who cares about your business results.
  • People who are enthusiastic and take pride in what they do.
  • People who use down to earth language .  All our clients say we are easy to follow and understand.
  • A flexible approach to our offering and your online marketing solution.

Call us today to experience our difference.

Be Seen, Be Heard, Be found Online with Net Branding | Auckland

Welcome to netBranding.co.nz

If you ask 10 different SEO and Social Media experts which is the best Search Engine Optimsation (SEO) strategy or which Social Media options are best, you are likely to get 10 different answers. However there are some basic rules (a few of the many) to succeed in this vast area of Internet branding.
  • Your website content on the Internet should be unique.
  • Your website content should be well written and read well.
  • Your social media profiles should be up to date.
  • The focus of your social media content should be less about you and more about what your audience wants.
  • You should regularly review your keywords yet avoid stuffing your content with too many of the same keywords on a page.
  • Content including keywords should be relevant and useful.
But how do you hire a local SEO company / specialist or a social media consultant.
  • Focus on small / mid-size companies – whilst larger companies may look impressive, working with a smaller SEO and Social Media means you are more likely to work directly with the experienced team members and strategists who can customise your social marketing campaign around your business and objectives.
  • Be aware of the sales rep – their job is to bring in new clients.
  • There is no “magic” solutions. Building an online brand is a journey not a destination. Be aware of anyone who pretends to have a “magic pill” or wants to lock you into a “low price monthly fee”.
  • The best SEO and social media firm is one that is recommended to you by an acquaintance or colleague.
20130404-215718 Net Branding is a proud supporter of the Trade Networking Group.  Trade Networking Groups (TNG) is a networking group that connects Trades, Services and Professionals.
To discuss your website, blog, SEO or social media requirements with a recommended Website and Social Media Company please contact  our Net Branding team of consultants.  Contact Us

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Online Marketing | Social Media and SEO – a world of constant change.

Online Marketing – An Internet world of constant change. Be Heard, Be Seen, Be Found Online with Net Branding Ltd (New Zealand | Auckland) Online Marketing | Social Media and SEO – a world of constant change. The online, social media and SEO environment is under constant change and as a result, your online social media and web marketing strategy …

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20130927 071046

Facebook Ads – automatic promotion of Facebook updates

One thing that is constant within the world of online marketing is change and here is another change to our Facebook Ads A little over a year ago, Facebook added an advertisement feature to Facebook Pages to give page admins the ability to automatically promote Facebook page posts, in order to help the Page get more “likes”. Now, it seems that Facebook …

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Does Facebook Advertising Work

Does Facebook Advertising Work?

Does Facebook Adverting Work ? Facebook Ads are targeted according to your Facebook profile information.  All the information you provide to Facebook such as your age, location, education, relationship status, interests  e.g favourite movies or  books you read become available. All of this valuable information is indirectly available to Facebook advertisers who then have access to this consolidated data and can utilise this Facebook data to reach the right …

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123 SEO Auckland by Net Branding for Search Engine Optimisation How to be found online

Search Engine Optimisation | Why do it?

Search Engine Optimisation | SEO – How to be found online? Please take a look at a recent Search Engine Optimisation article compiled by Net Branding. It is a fact, search engine rankings are important to your business.  The higher your business appears in the online search page results, the better for your business. However, combine this with the concept of content …

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Facebook business page changes 2014

Facebook Changes 2014 | A more streamline look and feel for Facebook pages

Facebook Changes 2014 Product News A Streamlined Look for Facebook Pages Source: facebook.com This week, we’ll begin rolling out a streamlined look for Pages on desktop that will make it easier for people to find the information they want and help Page admins find the tools they use most. Here are the key features of the update: Updated Page timeline …

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The benefits of SEO and SEO help in Auckland

What is SEO?and what are the Benefits of SEO?

Let’s focus on some of the benefits of SEO? SEO? But what is Search Engine Optimation (SEO)? Google or any search engine displays the websites it believes are authoritative and relevant and pertain to the exact query requested by the internet searcher. Using a pre-set  algorithm, a search engine measures the relevance of your website by analysing your website’s page (s)  content, the …

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Facebook Buys Whatsapp

Why would Facebook purchase WhatsApp?

This article has been sourced for you by the team at Net Branding.   Why would Facebook want to purchase WhatsApp? Facebook revealed that WhatsApp has some 450 million active monthly users, 70 percent of whom use the messaging service daily. At that rate, says Facebook, the number of WhatsApp messages approaches the total number of SMS text messages sent …

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Content Shock And Seo

Content Shock and Social Media

Content is king but,  and from an SEO perspective valuable and quality content is and probably always will be a solid SEO Strategy.  But let’s take a look at the two factors that impact the economics of content marketing — the amount of content available and the amount of content consumed (supply and demand).  Yes Economics 101. Content Shock.  How …

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Search Engine Optimasaton Consultant in Auckland New Zealand

Improving your website’s SEO?

So you’ve got a website.  A really proud moment.  But will the search Internet traffic come calling?   What can you do to improve the chances of you being found online?   You’ve heard about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) but how can you improve your website’s SEO? Understanding your Keywords Often businesses assume they know what words people would use …

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