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Take your business VIRAL with Social Media.

What are over 2,270,000 NZ Facebook Users saying about your business ONLINE?

Is your lack of online business presence costing you SALES?

Let us set-up your business social profiles and create AWARENESS for your business or profile online.

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An AUDIT to maximise your opportunities?

What does your LinkedIN PROFILE say about you? We can help.

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Be found Online? Rank organically for chosen keywords.

Net Branding for Pure SEO and Great Websites Plus Social Media Services in Auckland

A website marketing company, with a reputation for providing results for small businesses with limited budgets.

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Your personal website, SEO and social media coach. We help your business get online results with Social Media. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Blogging. Be Heard, Be Seen and Be found Online.

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Whether you need a new website, want to create a blog /news feed or have finally decided to use social media and internet marketing to help grow your business, then look no further, our integrated marketing team can help. What you get
  • Top quality work at a sensible price
  • A technical business colleague who cares about results
  • An enthusiastic team who take pride in their work
  • Down to earth solutions that are easy to follow and understand
  • A flexible approach to your online marketing solution.
Our Online Marketing Services
  • Be Seen | Website design and development services
  • Be Heard | Social media services and consulting, blog creation and support, branding and online marketing, online advertising campaigns
  • Be Found | SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services
Net Branding understands that each business is different. And we appreciate that an affordable and cost-effective SEO service is an important part of many New Zealand businesses. We pride ourselves on being small enough to care about each and every client yet we’re able to cater for any size project through our long standing partnerships with experienced professionals. Our online marketing and PR specialists will give your company a strong online presence and increase your brand traction and resulting internet and website traffic.

Do you want improved visibility for your website?
Are you struggling to secure and receive the internet traffic you want?

Then talk with our online marketing specialists about our SEO Services.

Be Seen, Be Heard, Be found Online with Net Branding | Auckland
Providers of affordable, integrated websites and social media solutions. Call us today to experience our difference.

Integrated Marketing & Social Media

If you ask 10 different SEO and Social Media experts which is the best Search Engine Optimsation (SEO) strategy or which Social Media options are best, you are likely to get 10 different answers. However there are some basic rules (a few of the many) to succeed in this vast area of Internet branding.
  • Your website content on the Internet should be unique.
  • Your website content should be well written and read well.
  • Your social media profiles should be up to date.
  • The focus of your social media content should be less about you and more about what your audience wants.
  • You should regularly review your keywords yet avoid stuffing your content with too many of the same keywords on a page.
  • Content including keywords should be relevant and useful.
But how do you hire a local SEO company / specialist or a social media consultant.
  • Focus on small / mid-size companies – whilst larger companies may look impressive, working with a smaller SEO and Social Media means you are more likely to work directly with the experienced team members and strategists who can customise your social marketing campaign around your business and objectives.
  • Be aware of the sales rep – their job is to bring in new clients.
  • There is no “magic” solutions. Building an online brand is a journey not a destination. Be aware of anyone who pretends to have a “magic pill” or wants to lock you into a “low price monthly fee”.
  • The best SEO and social media firm is one that is recommended to you by an acquaintance or colleague.
20130404-215718 Net Branding is a proud supporter of the Trade Networking Group.  Trade Networking Groups (TNG) is a networking group that connects Trades, Services and Professionals.
To discuss your website, blog, SEO or social media requirements with a recommended Website and Social Media Company please contact  our Net Branding team of consultants.  Contact Us

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  During my online marketing and social media presentation, the aspect that usually is of most interest to my audience are my statistics that graphically depict various age groups and their use of social media networks. As time marches on and new generations mature into real consumers, we’ve taken note of the Millennial Generation and acknowledge that Generation Z is the …

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The domain names space is changing again. At the end of September 2014 the .nz domain name space will undergo a change. The new, shorter .nz domain names will be available for general registration from 1pm, 30 September 2014. On this date, existing second level domains – like the .co in and the .org in are going to …

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Facebook Users and Fans – Types and how do you reach your target audience?

Facebook Users? As with society, there are many different types of personalities that make up the world we call our home. So why should a social media network and community be any different? Facebook users – who are they really?  Social media | Facebook users, fans, and customers come in different “shapes and sizes”. Once you’ve achieved an understanding of …

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Only 2 Letters – The key to social media success

The key to social media success. What is the difference between “selling” and “helping”? Yes, only two letters, but the gap is in reality, much larger. Understanding the difference between selling and helping is the key to your social media success. If you can help a potential client understand something, do something or experience something, they will automatically warm to your …

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In what ways has Facebook changed the business world? Auckland Online and Social Media Services

Ask an Auckland Social media services consultant a question. In what ways has Facebook changed the business world? As with every development in this fast moving online medium, it is recognised that social media and Facebook are a definite, powerful, real time “listening” mechanisms to get direct feedback from the community in which you operate. As social media extends into …

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24/7 Web Hosting Help Available as Thousands of NZ websites could be deleted

This article extract was sourced for your convenience from the  TV3 News Website. Friday 23 May 2014 24/7 Web Hosting Thousands of New Zealand websites could be deleted after major failures from a local web hosting company. Kiwi provider 24/7 Hosting has gone to ground over the past few weeks, disconnecting its 0800 number and revoking access to key parts …

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How to attract more customers to your business using internet marketing?

Attract | Engage | Convert | Measure |Analyse | Improve your Internet marketing process. A internet marketing process for continual improvement. Many years ago, as I focused on project management, my constant companion where project plans that contained elements of a project process such as initiate, plan, execute, review, control and close. So why, I ask myself, should our internet …

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The Benefits Of Blogging Why Blog

Why blog? 10 benefits for blogging regularly and why you should do it too.

Why blog? To keep your customers or potential customers engaged by offering tips, product updates, news flashes or any recent event. Blogs provide a simplistic way to stay in touch with a targeted internet audience. Blogs are popular with search engines because they are continuously being updated! Search engines love blogs and this is an ideal opportunity to use your identified …

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Ask a Social media services consultant a question. How would you describe Facebook to someone who had never heard of it? ? Over the past decade people have communicated, shared information and attended many a business networking event or special interest gathering in order to extend their personal communication’s networks or associations with likeminded people.  Facebook has encapsulated this type of …

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